Bus — Dublin Bus provides an extensive range of bus services- Radial, Cross City, Orbital, DART Feeder, Airport Services, Xpresso, Nitelink, Railink, Schoolink and Sightseeing tours. Dublin Bus Headquarters can be found on O’Connell Street,
Dublin 1.

Dublin Bus is the main public transport provider for the Greater Dublin Area (extending as far as Balbriggan, Newcastle, Dunboyne and Kilcock) carrying 150 million passengers each year and transporting 70% of all public transport commuters into Dublin during peak times.


Inner-city fares are determined by distances traveled. The minimum fare is €1.15 (unless you’re only going a very short distance within the city center, in which case it’s €.50); the maximum fare for rides within the city center is €2.20, rising to €4.50 for those going as far as the outer suburbs. Children 15 and under pay between €.65 and €1. The Nitelink fare is a flat €5. Buy your tickets from the driver as you enter the bus.


For those who plan to travel frequently by bus, consider purchasing a bus pass, or “rambler” ticket. Discounted 1-day, 3-day, and 5-day passes are available in advance. The 1-day bus-only pass costs €6, the 3-day pass costs €13, and the 5-day pass goes for €21.


Another option worth considering is the “freedom ticket”. Specially designed for tourists, it works like a standard 3-day bus pass, but also includes unlimited travel on the Airlink, Nitelink, and Dublin City Tour buses. The cost is €26 adults and €10 children 13 and under. They can be purchased from most major stores in the city center, any Dublin Tourist Information Office, or in advance from Ticketmaster (tel. 011/353-1456-9569 in the U.S.;; or follow the link on the Dublin Bus website).